Born and bred in the Bronx, Alexis Rosario is a Brazilian-Puerto Rican fashion and portrait photographer that specializes in analog photography. Alexis creates work that encompasses the essence of her subjects, through human connection and granting those a voice in hopes of feeling seen and heard.

Alexis is on a lifelong mission to inspire, empower, and uplift people to create a lasting legacy for the up-and-coming generation of creative minds. While she has been immersed in the realm of fashion and portrait photography for the past 5 years, her passion for art spans a lifetime. 

Select publications include: ICON Mag, GEZNO Magazine, PENIDA Magazine, 6X Magazine, Vigour, Mob Journal, Malvie Magazine, Shuba Magazine and Photo Vogue

Select clients include: Lomography, WhenSmokeClears, Flight Club, The Real Real, Gabriel Held Vintage.

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